Changes to the Health Informatics Diploma Examination – Effective From May 2024

Changes to the Health Informatics Diploma Examination – Effective From May 2024

Examination Details

The requirement will be for a 5000 word thesis/dissertation on a subject which must be of a health records/information management nature.

The candidate will be required to write a short A4 precis of the proposed topic, the research methodology to be utilised and/or the project to be undertaken.  This is submitted for approval to the Director of Education prior to the thesis/dissertation being undertaken.  Following agreement with the Director of Education, the candidate has six months in which to complete and submit the thesis/dissertation for review.

The dissertation/thesis will be scored according to the following criteria by two independent assessors:


  • Explanation of the topic
  • Placed in a wider context
  • Demonstrates familiarity with the background literature on this topic if applicable
  • Illustrates the general implications of the project for the subject as a whole
  • States clearly the objectives of the project


  • Clear description of the method(s) applied
  • Justification of choice of method(s)
  • Soundness of methodology
  • Appropriateness of theoretical framework
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the methodology
  • Problems encountered are discussed
  • Should include at least one survey with analysis of findings

Data Analysis, Discussion and Conclusions

  • Correct interpretation of the results and critical comparison with theoretical models as appropriate
  • Understanding of the results’ practical implications
  • Correct and logical conclusions drawn from the analysis, consistent with the activity’s objectives

Overall Structure of the Report

  • Logical structure of report and literary accuracy
  • Quality of presentation
  • Length

Project Activity and Effort

  • Project planning
  • Demonstration of initiative
  • Commitment and effort