The Data Security and Protection Toolkit reflects current legislative and policy requirements for protecting patient data.  All NHS organisations are required to publish annually a baseline assessment and a final assessment based on audit.  

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit enables organisations to measure and publish their performance against the National Data Guardian’s ten data security standards, introduced in the National Data Guardian review of data security, consent and opt-outs.

Staff with roles in Informatics (IT and Information areas), Medical Records, Clinical Coding & Information Governance are required to show training in these specialist areas and IHRIM can help organisations to achieve this.  Junior staff can be assessed for Certificates of Technical Competence; more senior staff can sit IHRIM's exams at Foundation, Certificate and Diploma level.  Studying for these qualifications brings a greater level of knowledge and expertise to NHS staff working in the fields of health informatics in health records (electronic or paper), information governance, information quality, clinical coding, audit, etc.  IHRIM is the Awarding Body for the National Clinical Coding Qualification (UK).