FEDIP is the Federation for Informatics Professionals in Health and Social Care, a collaboration between the leading professional bodies in health and care informatics supporting the development of the informatics profession.

Conceived through discussions with BCS, CILIP, IHRIM, Socitm and UKCHIP, the federation brings individuals and organisations together to establish professional standards in health informatics and maintain a public register of experienced practitioners – offering greater confidence to employers, clients, colleagues, government and the wider society, both UK and overseas.

The institutions licensed to award FEDIP offer their members registration at five levels – Associate Practitioner (AFEDIP), Practitioner (PFEDIP), Senior Practitioner (SFEDIP), Advanced Practitioner (AdvFEDIP), Leading Practitioner (LFEDIP) – dependent on the competence, knowledge and experience of the applicant in the field of health informatics.

Demonstrate your competence and experience to colleagues, employers and wider society

FEDIP is the only public register for all informatics professionals in the UK, dedicated to delivering better health and care through the advanced use of technology.

Becoming a registered practitioner will allow you to easily show your expertise and gain professional recognition. 

FEDIP awards digital credentials which can be shared across social profiles and on your personal website. The digital badges contain metadata which will give a full overview of the criteria that you have evidenced in order to be awarded FEDIP registered status. 

This makes it easier for you to share your credentials and to increase the understanding of what your health and care informatics position entails, helping you to educate peers, colleagues and employers on your role. 

You can also display your credentials to colleagues, peers and employers using your new post nominal letters.

  • Associate Practitioner (AFEDIP)
  • Practitioner (PFEDIP)
  • Senior Practitioner (SFEDIP)
  • Advanced Practitioner (AdvFEDIP)
  • Leading Practitioner (LFEDIP)

Is it for me?

You're ready to apply for FEDIP registration if you:

  • work in a professional informatics role using data and technology to support health and care delivery
  • perform a range of activities including complex and non-routine tasks
  • understand how your role impacts upon patient care
  • demonstrate quality and integrity in your work

FEDIP offers membership to professional bodies, which allows their individual members to join the Public Register, Standards and enjoy FEDIP membership benefits.

FEDIP offers membership to professional bodies looking to make a stance for the advancement of health informatics and informaticians working within their industries.

​The membership bodies that form the Federation are:

  • AphA - Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts
  • BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT
  • CHIME - The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives
  • IHRIM - Institute of Health Records and Information Management
  • Socitm - Society for innovation, technology and modernisation
  • CILIP - The UK’s library and information association

Why it matters

Society needs a better standard of healthcare – and the informatics community is stepping up to the challenge. We have the potential to transform modern health and care services by harnessing capability in the digital revolution.

​We each play an important role but need to work together to share ideas and best practice, to build new partnerships and raise standards, to do more of what works well and to change what doesn’t.

​FEDIP supports the diversity in our community and the collaboration needed to strengthen our profession and our impact and influence over healthcare delivery. FEDIP matters, more now than ever before.

The Public Register

You can find details of IHRIM Members registered with FEDIP on the public register here

Public Register | FEDIP


The FEDIP Hub is a learning management system that holds a catalogue of learning resources for health and care informatics professionals.

The Hub houses accredited CPD resources, past webinars from FEDIP and our Professional Bodies, signposting to relevant resources from throughout the profession and Taster Courses from our accredited partners.

The Hub also has an inbuilt CPD record, where you can keep a record of your CPD. All the CPD hours accrued on the platform are automatically logged for you.

The FEDIP community forum where you can connect with fellow practitioners will also now be housed within the Hub.

You can create an account on the Hub by visiting www.fedip.org/create-account

If you would like to learn more about the Hub, please do visit the FEDIP website where you can read more and take a short video tour through the new Hub.


How to apply - Professional Registration

We offer all our members the opportunity to become professionally registered with the Federation for Informatics Professionals (FEDIP).  This is the only public register for all informatics professionals in the UK, dedicated to delivering better health and care through the advanced use of technology.

You can complete your Professional Registration through the FEDIP Hub by clicking the link below :


If your application is successful, IHRIM will pay for your first year's subscription of £25 then thereafter you will be asked to either increase your direct debit by £2 a month or make a one-off payment of £25 per year to remain on the FEDIP register.