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  • “I’ve been there - stuck in a job I hated…” – Lauren Saxton ACC

    “I’ve been there - stuck in a job I hated…” – Lauren Saxton ACC

    It was the first post-Christmas get together with my girlies since we had all gone back to work. My friend Stef is a nursery nurse and she HATES her job. She works long hours and receives the minimum wage. She works for a private nursery and the manager isn’t a very nice lady (to be polite).“Today’s my first day back and I am already so depressed” she whinged. My other friend Charlotte is a cashier in a bank, she doesn’t mind her job but says it bores her as it is the same every day. Charlotte soon jumped on the band wagon “Don’t even get me started, you’re lucky you had time off over Christmas, I only had the bank holidays off”. We had all started our healthy eating and were participating in dry January so I couldn’t decide if this was why they were both in such bad moods – but I was on rabbit food and water too and I didn’t feel the same way.


  • Clinical Coder Job Vacancy

    Taranaki District Health Board would like to offer an exciting opportunity

  • Draft summary of changes OPCS-4.7 to OPCS-4.8

    The draft summary of changes from OPCS-4.7 to OPCS-4.8

  • IHRIM Awards Ceremony February 2017

    The IHRIM Awards Ceremony will be held at Maple House

  • NCCQ Administration Process

    IHRIM is run by an Executive Board made up of people who work in Informatics fields in the NHS.

  • Patient coding with a twist

    Tim KelseyPatients will be taught how to code and make apps as part of a patient empowerment programme being run by the NHS Commissioning Board.
    National director of patients and information Tim Kelsey has previously called on clinicians to learn how to program.

    In an NHS Institute webinar, he said that involving patients was key to the health care revolution.