NCCQ(UK) Letter and Registration Form - March 2022

November 2021

Dear Candidate

Download: NCCQ(UK) Registration Form - March 2022

We can now confirm that the March 2022 NCCQ examination will be an electronic assessment. We will be sending you log in details at the end of January 2022 to enable you to access the assessment platform. There is a user guide available on our website and on the assessment platform when you log in. There is a mock exam uploaded onto the platform for your use and you will be able to access it as many times as you wish over the course of 4 weeks to familiarise yourself with the way the system works. Please make use of this facility so you are comfortable with the system and not overwhelmed on examination day. Read the user guide carefully as that will help you considerably in this process.

The mock exam will not be marked and there will be no feedback from the attempts. It is very important that you practice using the system on the machine you will be using on the day and in the building where the examination room will be. This is to ensure that wi-fi connectivity is sufficient and that all IT updates have been completed before you sign on to take your exam.  If the intention is to use a room not on Trust premises IHRIM should be notified in advance.

We recommend that your manager liaises with the network team at the Trust to ensure that the Synap website is whitelisted (or is accessible) and that there are no updates scheduled for the date of the examination. Also please ensure that the email address you use for us to send you your sign in details is accessible through the Trust machine you intend to use. Private email accounts are often blocked by Trust firewalls so we advise you use your NHS account.

Please now immediately confirm the name, job role, telephone and email details of the invigilator that has been identified for you, if you have not already done so. You will not receive your log in details until we have this information. If you have not received your log in details by the middle of February then please contact the IHRIM Office.

The assessment platform we are using has been developed by NHS staff and is very straightforward. We have been particularly careful not to change the format of the examination and those of you who have used the practice papers from our website will find the format very familiar. Everything you need to know will be included in the user guide.

Please remember that you will need a quiet room, a laptop or PC with an internet connection and a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and a table/desk of sufficient size for you to work with your books. A desk in an office used by others will not suffice. Please also be aware that the room and equipment you use for the examination will not be accepted as subjects for appeal so please confirm with your manager that all the facilities are in place to support you. Please see the accompanying checklist which is in addition to the normal requirements included in the “instructions to candidates” letter which will be sent to you shortly.

Finally we would also like to take the opportunity to wish you every success in your endeavour.

Yours faithfully

Lin Snow

Director of Education


Checklist for Examination Day – to be confirmed by you in advance

  • Quiet room with sufficient space for the number of candidates sitting so that they cannot see each other’s screen
  • Desk/table large enough to facilitate a laptop/PC and your books
  • Laptop/PC with internet connection and a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
  • Invigilator
  • Access code and log in details as sent by IHRIM

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