Notice of Annual General Meeting - 2021


I hereby give notice that the forthcoming 73rd Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Health Records and Information Management, planned to be held in March 2021, will not now go ahead, and will be postponed to October 2021. This is due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

The Board discussed the possible options and considered holding the AGM using video conferencing but would much prefer to include this in the face-to-face Board meeting and possible Award Ceremony, tentatively booked for October 2021. It is hoped that by October the Covid-19 restrictions will have been lifted sufficiently for members to travel and meet in groups.

The Constitution documents that the AGM takes place at least once in every 12-month period but given the exceptional circumstances the Board have agreed to postpone it. The Board will consider making a change to the Constitution to future proof against similar situations. The Constitution also documents that the AGM receives an annual report from the Executive Board and audited accounts to 31st December each year.

The Board will still provide an annual report and audited accounts to the membership which will formally be ratified at the AGM in October 2021.

Any nominations for vacant posts will be held over to October 2021 and those in post have agreed to stand until then. The posts affected are the President, the Chairman and the Auditor.

Kim Bellis FHRIM
National Chairman
1 March 2021