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Issue: 24.06.2020

Latest News

Campaign group reports drop in ICO enforcement action

The Campaign for FOI is reporting that its analysis of recent decision notices shows a sharp drop in the Information Commissioner’s FOI enforcement action since the pandemic. The analysis looked at decision notices published in the two full months both before and after the lockdown. In January and February 2020, the ICO ordered public authorities to take substantive action in 32% of decisions (67 out of 212) published in the period. However, only 5% of decision notices (6 out of 116) published in April and May 2020 after the lockdown (which started on 23rd March) required substantive action. The group says “This suggests that the ICO has been holding back decisions that require public authorities to disclose withheld information or reconsider unjustified refusals. This is presumably to shield authorities from the pressure of having to comply with FOI requirements during the health emergency. However, there are signs that the proportion of June 2020 decision notices requiring substantive action is beginning to increase.”

UK Health Ministry maintains secrecy around coronavirus files

The UK government's Health Ministry says it has no record of its attempt to import personal protective equipment for health workers from Turkey at the height of the coronavirus crisis. The claim raises concerns that Department of Health and Social Care files are going missing in advance of a public inquiry into the UK government's handling of the pandemic. The Ministry made its statements after receiving requests made by Middle East Eye under the UK’s Freedom of Information Act. The MEE is appealing the refusals.

FOI wrangle over release of school fire safety records goes to High Court

A FOI battle between the Department of Education and the Information Commissioner of Ireland over school fire safety records has gone to the High Court. The case centres on a request for fire safety assessments carried out at a large number of schools where structural defects were detected. The Department said it had commenced legal proceedings against a named construction firm, and argued that the documents were in draft form, commercially sensitive, being deliberated on, and that it was not appropriate to make them publicly available. The Information Commissioner dismissed the Department’s arguments and directed it to release the school fire safety records in the public interest.

Peter Tyndall calls for review of FOI in Ireland

The Commissioner in Ireland Peter Tyndall has called for a review of the Freedom of Information Act 2014 to include the establishment of an appeals tribunal to reduce the burden on courts, and to broaden the Act to include all bodies in receipt of “significant public funding”. “After five years’ experience of operating the 2014 FOI Act it is clear to me that there is considerable room for improvement. I have made a number of recommendations aimed at improving the Act for everyone, including users and public bodies,” Mr Tyndall said. His annual report highlights that almost 40,000 FOI requests were made to all public bodies last year, representing an increase of 179% over the last 10 years. The Health Service Executive received the most FOI requests in 2019, accounting for more than 11,500 requests or 30% of all requests to public bodies.

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