COVID-19 - IFHIMA updates


Dear IFHIMA Friends and Colleagues,

 A quick update about the IFHIMA website and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • IFHIMA Website.  We've added the 50th Anniversary Jubilee video which can be found on the homepage  Enjoy reminiscing about 50 years of Congresses, IFHIMA members and leaders, and global friendships.  And, the Proceedings from the Congress were added to the homepage this week also.  

  • WHO COVID-19.    WHO continues to share updates on at least a weekly basis about the pandemic, the impact to global health and the healthcare workforce, and forward progress.  The WHO section of the IFHIMA website houses some links, and I've included some below.  EPI WIN #19 call this week focused on social distancing and prevention.  

    1. WHO situation dashboard 

    2. WHO Situation Reports 

    3. UNWFP World Travel Restrictions 5a6f8880z 

Best wishes, 
Lorraine Fernandes, RHIA
IFHIMA President