Our congratulations go out to all of our successful candidates for the NCCQ in March 2014! It was fantastic meeting you all at the Awards Ceremony this year.



Winners of the Monmouth Award for the top 10 marks in both papers of the NCCQ in March 2014

Caroline Bentley               Attended

Gemma Seymour            Attended

Alyson Paganini               

Lauren Hilton                    

Vanessa Wilkie                  Attended      

Timothy Lankshear         

Grace Jackson                   Attended

Matthew Kirman             Attended

Nouresha Jaulim             

Jonathan Scatchard        Attended

Lisa Underhill                    Attended

  • Caroline Bentley
  • Gemma Seymour
  • Alyson Paganini
  • Lauren Hilton
  • Vanessa Wilkie
  • Timothy Lankshear
  • Grace Jackson
  • Matthew Kirman
  • Nouresha Jaulim
  • Jonathan Scatchard
  • Lisa Underhill

Winners of the Pauline Griffiths Award for the NCCQ in March 2014


  • Elaine Scarborough
  • Jennifer Delea
  • Ogeer Hydeer Hossen

Winner of the HSCIC Award for the highest marks in the March 2014 NCCQ

  • Caroline Bently