Advance Notification of Increase in Exam Fees

This is to let you know in advance that the fees for the NCCQ examination will be going up by 20% from the March 2015 examination. The NCCQ was devised and delivered in partnership between IHRIM and NHS Connecting for Health (NHS CfH) up until NHS CfH ceased to exist and HSCIC took over. At this time there were budget re-alignments resulting in the NCCQ funding arrangements being changed. As from September 2014 although HSCIC still works with IHRIM on the NCCQ, they are no longer contributing any funds to the delivery of the examination.It is with regret, therefore, that IHRIM has to increase the exam fees.


It should be noted that, through careful management on IHRIM’s part, neither these fees nor the membership fees have been increased for several years.

If you are unhappy with this change, please don’t take it out on the IHRIM Office staff, who are just doing their job.


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