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The Turner Award was instituted in the late 1960s in memory of A.E.J. Turner (affectionately known as ‘Mac’) who was the Education Officer of the organisation for nine years. ‘Mac’ was totally dedicated to his work for the association.  The award is in the form of a cheque (currently £100) and is presented to the student who achieves the highest pass mark in the Diploma examination in one sitting. A suitably inscribed certificate is also presented.


The Turnpenny Award was instituted in the early 1970s in memory of Ron Turnpenny who served as Chairman of the Association 1967 – 1969, followed by a two year spell as Education Officer at the untimely death of ‘Mac’ Turner. Ron was also a totally dedicated member of the organisation, but his sudden death, whilst in office, robbed the association of his wise counsel and support.

The award is also in the form of a cheque for £100 and is awarded to the student who gains the most marks in the Certificate Examination in one sitting. A suitably inscribed certificate is also presented.


This award is presented to any student that achieves 100% in the Practical Examination of the NCCQ. The award is in the form of a £100 cheque and a certificate of achievement.


This award was previously known as the Director of Education Award but was renamed in 2012, in memory of someone who gave an enormous amount of time, knowledge and experience to the Institute.

Pauline was a practicing Health Records Manager in Cornwall who started a local school in the South West for her IHRIM students and supported each of them through to gaining their qualifications.

She was on the IHRIM Board holding a number of posts; Director of Education, Chairman and then went on to be the Administrator to the Examination Boards.

Pauline was awarded the highest accolade that IHRIM bestows on individuals, the Royle Mansell Award, in recognition of her support and work with the Institute. She was also a Fellow.

The Pauline Griffiths Award is presented to the student who obtains the highest marks in the Foundation examination and takes the form of a £100 cheque and a certificate.


This award is in the form of a piece of crystal in memory of Elsie Royle Mansell, the founder of the organisation. It replaced an earlier Royle Mansell award which was given for the highest marks in the Higher Diploma Examination (since discontinued).

The award now is given for outstanding services to the Institute, over and above what is normally expected of membership. It is open to any member of the Institute, (but not necessarily made every year), and is the highest honour the Institute can confer on a member.


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