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11:39am, 22 August 2018
Practical tools for problem-solving
Professionals at every level need to find solutions to problems – practical solutions that can be justified and implemented. Although the context and content of our problems may be unique, it is likely that somebody has had this sort of problem before. Don’t waste valuable time reinventing the wheel.

11:37am, 22 August 2018
What will new technology mean for the NHS and its patients?
To mark the BBC’s coverage of the NHS’s 70th birthday in July 2018, researchers from the Health Foundation, Institute for Fiscal Studies, the King’s Fund and the Nuffield Trust have joined forces for the first time, using combined expertise to shed light on some of the big questions on the NHS.

11:35am, 22 August 2018
Making the most of online appointments in the flu season
NHS England has published a guide for GP practices to encourage their patients to register and book their flu clinic online.

11:31am, 22 August 2018
Gluten-free food on NHS prescription in England
A further consultation has been launched on gluten-free foods on prescription.

11:29am, 22 August 2018
NHS Digital tool supports personal health record development
NHS Digital has produced a new toolkit to support local NHS organisations to develop personal health records (PHRs).

11:25am, 22 August 2018
Through the eyes of GP trainees: workforce of the future
Two years ago King's Fund conducted a survey of GP trainees as part of its work on understanding the pressures in general practice.