This conference focuses on Information sharing between the police and health services for prevention, early intervention and care purposes. The conference look at principles of information sharing and understanding when to disclose and when not to, the conference will include case studies from proactive information sharing for example in domestic violence cases for early intervention, and also reactive information sharing when an incident has occurred.

Event Date 21-10-2021 8:00 am
Event End Date 21-10-2021 5:00 pm

Since the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, and it’s more recent morphing into the UK GDPR more recently, all organisations have been required to demonstrating accountability to the regulation’s six key principles.

Event Date 22-10-2021 8:00 am
Event End Date 22-10-2021 5:00 pm

This one day course provides practical Caldicott Training for both new and more experienced Caldicott Guardians, their deputies and others, involved in applying the Caldicott Principles across a wide range of organisations. It provides sound foundations for those seeking to expand their understanding of the Caldicott Guardian Role, and its function within Information Governance, and inspiration as to how it can be implemented and developed in their own organisations.

Event Date 16-11-2021 8:00 am
Event End Date 16-11-2021 5:00 pm

This practical workshop, facilitated by Barry Moult, a former Head of Information Governance for an NHS Trust, will look at managing Subject Access Requests and what you need to consider to comply with legislation and upholding individuals rights to access personal and sensitive information held about them. This will enable delegates to look at case studies and have the confidence to respond to requests.

Event Date 22-11-2021 8:00 am
Event End Date 22-11-2021 5:00 pm

This practical workshop, facilitated by Barry Moult, a former Head of Information Governance for an NHS Trust, and his colleague Andrew Harvey, aims to guide Information Governance professionals and others responsible for assertions, as well as auditors, by outlining what can be done to complete the assessment in a practical real-world environment. It also looks at how it will be audited, aligning all areas covered to open discussion on both the key legislative and regulatory requirements upon which it is built and true life scenarios.

Event Date 25-11-2021 8:00 am
Event End Date 25-11-2021 5:00 pm