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With the launch of our IHRIM LinkedIn page, we thought it may be helpful to provide a short overview of LinkedIn for those who haven't used it before.


If you already have LinkedIn – Connect with us! https://uk.linkedin.com/in/ihrim-uk-112622114

Ireland details €875m EHR plans

Ireland details €875m EHR plans

EHR for Eire
Image: Ireland plans to spend up to £700m on a national EHR.

Ireland is planning to spend up to €875 (£700m) on building an electronic health record over the next five to nine years.

IFHIMA's 18th International Conference

In a few months, IFHIMA will be holding its 18th international conference in Tokyo Japan, from October 12 to October 14, 2016.


EPR arms may 16BACK @ THE EPR ARMS APRIL 2016

To share or not to share. That is the question 

‘He went to Wales I think. Angelsey. Somewhere foreign that’s for sure’.

‘Not sure Wales is classed as foreign Bill,’ I said to the landlord.

HealthTech Women launches in Leeds

HealthTech Women launches in Leeds

Healthtech womenA network for women working in healthcare technology is about to launch a chapter in the North of England, after arriving in London from the US last year.

HealthTech Women, a global, non-profit organisation that looks to promote women working in the pharmaceutical, medical device and IT and life science industries, will launch its Northern Hub in Leeds next week, on 13 April.

The first HealthTech Women chapter was set up in 2013 in San Francisco, to provide space for debate and networking and to encourage career support – including for girls interested in tech careers. The idea was brought to England with the launch of a HealthTech Women for London in 2015.

Image: HealthTech Women is a network of women working in the healthcare technology industry.

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