Certificate Examination Syllabus and Regulations [Overseas] - 1. Health Records Management (Paper 1)

1. Health Records Management (Paper 1)

The Health Record – IFHIMA Education Module 1

  1. The Health Record
  2. Purpose of a Health Record
  3. Uses of a Health Record
  4. Development of the Health Record
  5. Value of the Health Record
  6. Content of the Health Record
  7. Documentation and Record Structure
  8. Responsibility for Health Records
  9. Health Record Forms
  10. Medico-Legal Aspects

Patient Identification, Registration and the Master Patient – IFHIMA Education Module 2

  1. Record Identification Systems
  2. Patient Registration
  3. Master Patient Index (MPI)
    • Content (Demographic & Visit Levels)
  4. Manual Master Patient Index
    • In-patients
    • Organisation of MPI
    • Methods used for filing
    • General Filing Rules
  5. Supplies & Equipment for a Manual MPI
  6. Computerised MPI

Record Identification Systems, Filing and Retention of Health Records – IFHIMA Education Module 3

  1. Record Identification Systems
    • Alphabetic Identification
    • Numerical Identification
  2. Types of Numbering Systems
  3. Assignment of Numbers
  4. Number Control
  5. Record Linkage or Longitudinal Records
  6. Filing Systems
    • Alphabetical
    • Numerical
  7. Location of Files
  8. Other considerations in Filing Systems
    • Loose sheets
    • Voluminous records
    • Special flagging
    • Satellite record centres
  9. Record Control & Chart Tracking Systems
    • Health record request policies
    • Health record requests
    • Out-guides (Tracers)
    • Automated tracking systems
    • Colour coding on file folders
    • Transportation of health records
    • Other record controls
    • Other filing rules
  10. Filing Equipment & Supplies for Paper-Based Records
    • Filing equipment
    • Filing supplies
  11. Retention of Health Records
    • Criteria for record retention
    • Methods of record retention

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