Fed-IP Monthly Stakeholder Update - November 2017

Welcome to this month’s update on the development of Fed-IP.

These monthly updates will set out progress and key activities over the last month and a look forward to what’s planned for the next month.


Key Activities Summary

  • The Fed-IP Management Board have approved the following:

The Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Advisory Board

The ToR for the Licensing and Audit Committee

The Licensing Schedule, which sets out terms between Fed-IP and the member bodies seeking to award Fed-IP registration

The pricing schedule for license to award Fed-IP registration

  • The Management Board discussed and agreed the process for applications and selection of Leading Practitioners, who will become the first Fed-IP registrants

  • The Registration Standards committee formally approved the finalised Registration Standards

  • Fed-IP continued engagement with the NHS Digital Academy (NHSDA) and Faculty of Clinical Informatics regarding accreditation of the NHSDA programme

Advisory Board

Fed-IP Management Board have agreed the ToR for the Advisory Board. The role of the Advisory Board is to advise the Management Board on strategy and provide expert guidance on matters relating to professionalism in health and care informatics, and support Fed-IP in meeting its objectives.

The Advisory Board will meet to hear reports on current plans and activity, provide expert advice, and discuss future priorities, and key issues in policy and practice.

There will be no maximum size of the Board and members will include representatives from the Fed-IP licensed professional bodies, the four nations, NHS Digital Academy, Faculty of Clinical Informatics, National policy makers, local Hospital Trust Chief Executives and the Academic community. Members will be invited to join the Board by the Fed-IP management board and Advisory Board Chair.

Fed-IP will now start to make appointments to the Advisory Board.

Licensing and Audit Committee (LAC)

The committee will grant licenses for Fed-IP member organisations to deliver registration in accordance with Fed-IP registration standards. It will monitor and assure the compliance of member organisations in their assessment processes and delivery of registration. It will also assure the quality and compliance of approved programs of learning, training and education.

Fed-IP Management Board have agreed the draft ToR for the LAC, as well as the draft Licensing and Pricing Schedules. These will all be finalised and ratified by the Committee as its first task when formed.

Fed-IP aims for the LAC membership to be appointed and the committee formed by January 2018.

Leading Practitioners

Fed-IP aims to have the first registrants in January 2018 and these registrants will be Leading Practitioners. The first cohort (Founding) of Leading Practitioners will be selected through the Fed-IP Management Board and will constitute future Leading Practitioners selection panels.

The agreed definition of a Leading Practitioner is someone who contributes on a national scale to the evolution and advancement of Health and Care Informatics. They should be respected by their peers and seen as a role model across the industry and a member of one of the Fed-IP Licensed Bodies.

The Management Board has considered the draft application process for selecting Leading Practitioners and this will be finalised by the Board at their meeting in December.

Registration and Standards Committee (RSC)

The RSC will set and maintain the criteria for admission to the Fed-IP registers, primarily through the registration standards. It is made up of representatives of the member institutes and key stakeholders. Committee members will be selected based on their specialist knowledge of standards development.

Fed-IP Registration standards were formally approved by the RSC on 15th November and will now be published on the Fed-IP website.

The standards are also being mapped against international standards, such as those of IMIA (International Medical Informatics Association), Australian and Canadian standards and Fed-IP will work closely with the Faculty for Clinical Informatics to ensure both sets of standards are aligned.

As the registration standards have been finalised, each member institute can map these to their own organisational standards and start to prepare the assessment processes.

Accreditation of the NHS Digital Academy Programme

The NHS Digital Academy is being established as a virtual organisation that will provide unique and prestigious training and development for Chief Clinical Information Officers (CCIO), Chief Information Officers (CIO) and aspirant informatics leaders. The creation of the Faculty is being carried out by the PHC2020 Building a Digital Ready Workforce Programme (BDRW) and led by NHS England. Educational delivery partners for the Academy are Imperial College, University of Edinburgh and Harvard University.

Fed-IP are working with the Digital Academy and Faculty of Clinical Informatics to provide accreditation of the Digital Academy programme, with Fed-IP focussing on the requirements for CIOs and the Faculty on the requirements for CCIOs. The aim is to work with the delivery partner to start the accreditation process when the first cohort start the programme in March 2018.

Publication of the Register

We currently publish a pre-register on the website, which is made up of those who have signed the ‘Well-Connected’ professional pledge, which is essentially the ‘waiting list’ for the full register. Those on the pre-register are already a member of one of the Fed-IP professional bodies, or had held a current UKCHIP registration at the point of UKCHIP closing their register, and once the full register is opened will be assessed with the intention of moving to the full register. To check the pre-register or find more information on joining it see http://fed-ip.org/#!/getinvolved.

One-month horizon scan (December) and calls to action

  • Fed-IP will start to make appointments to the Advisory Board and initial recruitment will be through invites made to key stakeholders. We will also be seeking a highly influential chair. Please consider nominations and email suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • The process of mapping member institutes’ standards against the Fed-IP approved standards and initial training of assessors will continue.

  • Members for the License and Audit Committee (LAC) will be identified, and at the first meeting the ToR will be finalised and agreed.

  • To add your name to the pre-register, go to http://fed-ip.org/#!/getinvolved and sign the ‘Well-Connected’ professional pledge. Current UKCHIP registrants can also be added to the pre-register – just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

November 2017 - Summary of Progress Against Key Milestones:

Date Activities RAG
May 2017 Fed-IP Launched at E-Health Week. Complete
July 2017
  • Publication of initial draft standards for competence and conduct for non-clinical informaticians circulated for comment.
  • Fed-IP website domain acquired, and site published
  • UKCHIP finances transferred to Fed-IP
  • Registration and Standards committee draft ToR approval





Sept 2017
  • Potential Registration and Standards Committee (RSC) and License and Audit Committee (LAC) membership identified.
  • Fed-IP Business Plan endorsed by Management Board.
  • Mapping of Digital Academy programme for accreditation commences.
  • Commence development of training to assess against the standards





  • Appointment of Registrations and Standards Committee
  • RSC first meeting (Approve ToRs and Standards)
  • International accreditation and benchmarking
  • Appointment of Advisory Board$1·         Commence training of assessors assess against the standards
  • Agreed registration costs







  • Professional register - internal process for the delivery of the register approved.
  • Appointment of License and Audit Committee



  • Publish investment plans
  • First assessors trained to assess against the standard



  • First Fed-IP registrant (peer to peer assessment)
  • Develop registration brand and promotional marketing plans for first registration campaign
  • Appointment of Marketing Committee
  • Create profession stakeholder groups





Mar 2018
  • Continuing assessment and acceptance of registrants, requiring:
    - Promotion and engagement
    - Agreed roadmap of changes implemented through CQC / ‘Well Led’ to recognise accreditations
    - Full operation of register and accreditation through all professional institutions
Beyond March 2018
  • Updates and iterations of standards as ongoing Business as Usual (BAU)
  • Cross-institutional community activities / sharing established
  • Roadmap leading to NHS organisations preferring then requiring standards in key roles
  • Broad provision of education and training against accredited standards provided by the market

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