Federation for Informatics Professionals Working in Health & Social Care (Fed-IP)


Back in January 2016, UKCHIP announced it had been working for some time with other professional bodies to create an umbrella organisation for the Health Informatics profession, to be called The Federation for Informatics Professionals Working in Health and Social Care (Fed-IP). 




The concept for this body was to have the combined strengths and expertise of all the constituent organisations and be better able to work with and influence national health and care bodies such as NHS England and the Department of Health on issues such as policy and the development of the profession.


Fed-IP will take a collaborative approach, with membership of a relevant constituent professional body complemented with independent registration by assessment against one agreed set of standards, meaning that the UKCHIP registration process and professional register would become subsumed by the Fed-IP approach.


In order to develop these standards it is important that relevant stakeholders are engaged in this process and, as a consequence, three workshops are being run over the next couple of months. There are currently four organisations engaged in this activity (BCS, IHRIM, CILIP and SOCITM) and as a member of IHRIM you are invited to request attendance at one of these workshops.


 The workshops will start at 1000 and finish at 1430 (with buffet lunch and refreshments provided):


• MANCHESTER: 21 March 2017 – Manchester Meeting Place,

• LONDON:  30 March 2017 – BCS Offices London and 

• CARDIFF 06 April 2017 – NWIS Cardiff). 


(Details will follow with registration instructions for attendees). The data collected from these three workshops will inform the development of a paper proposing the standards.


The workshops will be limited to a maximum of 20 attendees, as a consequence there is the potential for over subscription. However, you will be notified at the earliest opportunity regarding the outcome of your request to attend one of the workshops.


Please reply to this email with the following response:



• I will NOT be attending any workshop

• I would like to attend London

• I would like to attend Cardiff

• I would like to attend  Manchester


 Please note: If you request attendance at one of the workshops could you please include in your response any special dietary requirements