Records Transfer Survey - Public Records Act 1958

Message from The National Archives


Dear Colleague


I am contacting you to remind you that the date for return of our annual survey of compliance with the recent changes to the Public Records Act is 10th February.


The changes require public bodies covered by the Act (including NHS Trusts, Foundation Trusts, CCG’s and Health Boards) to transfer relevant records to a local place of deposit appointed under the Act at an earlier date than previously; the survey is designed to establish the volume of records potentially affected by this change, and progress with the accelerated transfers.


Survey responses will help The National Archives, as the government department responsible for the Act,  and colleagues in local authority places of deposit,  to identify where there are backlogs or other problems. This means that your response can help us target assistance to NHS bodies more effectively, and avoid potential conflict with other legislation such as Data Protection Act. More details on the Public Records Act as it affects NHS bodies is given in the NHS Records Management Code of Practice (or in Wales, the equivalent HSC 2000/71).


You should already have received a communication about the survey via NHS Digital, but I gather from talking to colleagues at regional IG Group meetings that in some cases they have not had this passed on to them by the relevant IGT contact in their organisation. You have received this email as you are our most recent contact in your organisation, but if you have recently changed roles, we would be grateful if you pass this on to the current relevant colleague.


As advertised on the IGT news page, you can complete the survey online using the following link:


Where organisations have not yet completed records survey work (as per IGT604) we recognise it may be difficult to provide complete answers to some of the questions: partial or estimated returns for these are acceptable, provided the basis of the response is given in the notes field.


Note that the survey is not intended to cover the main series of patient records, and although digital records are within scope of the Act, for the purposes of this transition survey, we require information about hard copy records only.


If you have any queries about the survey or the Act generally, please contact myself or my colleague Amy Greir via 


We look forward to receiving a response from your organisation by 10th February 2017.